Cybersecurity Fundamentals


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This course will show you the various types of cyberattacks that you might face; the role that human error plays in the success of cyberattacks; and some of the defences that organisations can set up to protect themselves from cyberattacks.


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“Whatever your sector, whatever type of business you are, assume that you are being targeted all the time.

With the levels of volume cyber-crime we are seeing now, you almost certainly are.”   

James Arthur, Partner and Head of Cyber Consulting, at Grant Thornton


Cyberattacks are increasing at an alarming rate. Most organisations have installed firewalls and other cyber defences to stop cyberattacks, but they’re not foolproof, as one of the key risk factors in cyberattacks is human error.

The need for training of non-IT staff is critically important. This  course will help you to gain an appreciation of the organisation-wide measures needed to protect against cyberattacks, and your role in the success of these defence measures. Most importantly, it will help you to better recognise phishing attacks, and if a cyberattack is successful, understand what steps to take to mitigate the effect. The importance of practicing safe social media behaviour to prevent cyber criminals from mining sensitive personal and business data will also be discussed. You will also create your own personal cybersecurity plan.