Evaluating Training Effectiveness


There are lots of good reasons to offer training, and also to participate in training. But there is also an accountability element, where we ask ourselves:

  • What was the value of that training?
  • Did we meet the objectives that were set out?
  • Did the training bring about some kind of lasting change in behavior?

In this course, we’ll explore the essential elements in evaluating training and measuring results, while creating a process that is simple for trainers and human resource practitioners to implement.


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Think back to the last training program that you conducted or attended:

  • What did you learn from that course?
  • How did you (or your participants) apply the new skills back in the workplace?
  • Can you tie those results directly back to the training program?

This course will help you to explore the essential elements in evaluating training and measuring results.

Topics Covered?:Setting the Framework

  • Pre-Assignment Review
  • Kirkpatrick’s Evaluation Model
  • The Return on Investment
  • Presenting Training Results

What Will You Learn?

  • Identify the most effective methods of training evaluation
  • Describe the steps required in the essential elements of measuring training results
  • Tie training measurements back to the original training objectives
  • Explore the most effective methods to report training results, including a return on investment