training fun

Making Training Fun and Effective


Humour can help you make your training sessions just as engaging as fun social occasions. Even better, you don’t need to be the class clown or an award-winning comedian to do it.

This course will give you some easy ways to use activities and humour to make your training experiences fun and engaging.


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A study of adult educators conducted by Pennsylvania State University doctoral student David Tanis found that playfulness creates a learning environment of “fun, enjoyment, and laughter,” and that their students notice cognitive gains in terms of “engagement, retention, and understanding.”

Ways to incorporate playfulness into the training classroom include the use of games and other activities, along with humour, which will be explored in this course.

Purposeful, well-thought out, and engaging activities in a training course can help learners apply new skills and knowledge, as well as retain that information in a meaningful way, while meeting learning objectives.

Topics Covered:

  • Let’s have some fun!
  • Getting everyone on board
  • Choosing the right activity
  • When activities go badly
  • Using humour in training
  • Balancing act
  • Quick and easy games
  • Creating a game

Learning Points:

  • Understand how training can include the use of activities
  • Explore different types of games
  • Identify methods to elicit participant buy-in
  • Apply humour principles in adult learning
  • Troubleshoot when activities go badly
  • Develop activities to use