Training Messages that Stick


In this course, you’ll learn ways to help make your training workshops “stickier” so that the learners will retain the material better.

You’ll familiarise yourself with strategies that can help learning to stick with the audience in an effective and meaningful way. You’ll learn how to keep learners focused and motivated to absorb material. Also, you’ll learn ways to develop an effective training style, using appropriate training aids and techniques.


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We have all participated in training courses or workshops. Some of these have been helpful and useful in our everyday lives and others have seemed redundant and a waste of time. How often have we cheered or grumbled at being asked to participate in a training day?

The good news is that all training can be useful and applicable if the trainer keeps some simple tips in mind when developing and applying training. We all learn differently, but there are some truths about learning that can be applicable to most groups and can be tweaked to fit any training session.

This course will help you identify ways to make your training “stickier” for your participants.

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies for stickiness
  • Designing a program that will stick
  • Teaching tips and tricks
  • What method is stickiest?
  • Following up
  • Taking training further

Learning Points:

  • What are some ways to help learners make connections
  • How and why to write learning objectives
  • Ways that adults learn and retain information
  • Tips for following up after training
  • Training tips
  • Ways to take training further